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NO SELLING of Products or Services required!
( And, you receive our spillover and spillunder as explained below ) Our service allows everyone to join and then, literally, gives you the cash to move up to HUGE INCOME!
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HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: ( You get paid for all groups you are upgraded for and, you can upgrade early any time you want to )

Group 1 

Everyone gets in for just $2

we Immediately  begin placing 10 people behind you, paying you $1 each
You get -$10.00

Group 2

Everyone gets in for just $5

we place 100 people behind you, paying you $2.50 each. You get -$250.00

Group 3

Everyone gets in for just $50

we place 1,000 people behind you, paying you $25 each You get -$25,000.00

Group 4

Everyone gets in for just $700

we place 10,000 people behind you, paying you $500.00 each
​You get - $5,000,000.00! 

So, your total income for all 4 groups is a Whopping $5,025,260.00

and, all that came out of your pocket was a Measly $2!


How Do I Join And How Am I Paid?

We pay out 7 days a week And, joining and getting paid is Extremely Easy! We have several choices, which are the Zelle App, Google Pay and Bitcoin. We have also added a Cash or Money Order option as well and you can pay and get paid by whichever one you prefer So, when you pay in, our software will record your pay information, and then we pay you in the same way you use when you pay us Also, there is no separate registration form to fill out So, paying in is all you need to do to join.

What is our Product / Service?

We are a 12 year old Consumer Savings Information Club And, we are an Information Service Only! So, you are NOT required to buy or sell products or services And, your membership is already included in the program mentioned above.

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